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Grudahair reveals the secret

 GrudaHair Reveals The Secret Of Hair Production Progress

Recent decades have recorded the tremendous development of the beauty industry. People are becoming increasingly concerned about their appearance, particularly with hair products. As a result, hair extensions are considered a must-have item in their daily lives. In terms of hair extensions, the Asian market is not only known as the best choice for perfect hair, but it also creates a huge potential for global customers to invest in. Vietnam, China, and India are the top 3 hair vendors in Asia. Have you ever been overwhelmed when choosing a reliable and trustworthy hair supplier among its diversity? This is a thorny question, especially for a newbie to hair extensions. Notably, the Vietnamese hair market has just taken the first step in the hair industry, but it has already made outstanding achievements. Grudahair is proud to be the best hair factory in Vietnam with high-quality products and affordable prices. Grudahair concentrates on bone straight, wavy and curly hair with customization. In addition, we produce closure, frontal and wigs and then deliver them to two biggest hair markets across the world: US-UK and Africa. What is the fairytale behind its success? Let's figure it out in this article.

Brief history of Gruda Hair Extensions Factory

  • Gruda Hair Factory was established by Mr. Henry in 2010 with the headquarters of GrudaHair in Thanh Hoa province. It is now operated by Mr. Henry, the chairman of the company. The CEO has struggled with the myriad of challenges as well as peaks and valleys during Grudahair's stages of development and expansion. At the beginning, Grudahair experienced a shortage of hair sources, one of the terrible shocks on the journey to the peak at the moment. By collecting and delivering Vietnamese processed hair to China, he laid the foundation for the initial development of Grudahair. In addition, he improved the standard of Chinese hair after importing it. Nevertheless, his business is still operated on a small scale in spite of the adequacy of technological advances and labor sources.
  •  From time to time, Grudahair was present everywhere around the world and created a strong foothold in the community of hair extensions. Until now, in recent years, it has gained some noteworthy achievements. In particular, Grudahair was recognized as the top-ranking hair vendor in Vietnam in 2015 thanks to its remarkable contribution to the Vietnamese hair market. Additionally, it is an honor to be one of the 10 most promising hair suppliers in Vietnam in terms of hair quality and reasonable price.

The meaning of the name “Gruda”

The "Gruda" symbol was inspired by a picture of an African crane known as the Grey Crowned Crane (letter G with a golden-yellow crown above). It is believed that this crane was the national bird of Uganda. The golden-yellow crown of the grey crowned crane combines with its black-and-white face. Also, "Gruda" sounds a lot like "grulla coronada," the Spanish name for the grey-crowned crane. The symbol of "Gruda" indicates supreme power in dominating the hair extension community in terms of hair extensions. Furthermore, the "Gruda" sign was used to delicately express sparkling.

The secret behind the success of Grudahair

The motto "Be who you want"

The presence and development of Grudahair are connected to the motto: "Be who you want". Grudahair was created with the objective of making you the most perfect version of yourself. We want to deliver a message: "Shine with your own beauty" because we believe that every woman has her own attraction regardless of appearance and personality. Let your hair speak for everything depending on yourself. Others favor forceful elegance, while others prefer sensual beauty... This, however, is a controversial point. When you're there, just let your light shine! There aren't many beauty standards; you're only beautiful if you're confident!

Enthusiastic workers and great policies 

Enthusiastic workers and great policies are the second reasons for Grudahair Factory's success. They are well-trained employees with a profound understanding of the hair industry, consumer preferences, and goods. At Grudahair Factory, we have a team of consultants available 24/7 on the website's hotlines to help you find the best hair extension style, color, length, and price for you. There are dozens of employees with contact information at the Gruda Hair Factory to ensure that customers can reach out to them at any moment. Even if you are a newbie, the staff will assist you in choosing the appropriate items to match your requirements and, if requested, will offer the basic characteristics of each hair type. Customers interacting with Gruda Hair Factory have the option of inspecting the factory or the products they are interested in via direct video call over the Whatsapp platform. In the event that something unexpected occurs after you receive the hair, you will be given an exchange and a new one. Moreover, Gruda Hair Factory accepts a variety of payment methods to accommodate customers from all over the world, including credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Western Union, MoneyGram, or bank transfer. There is a predominant exit for dealing with foreign logistic policies and international consumer payments.

Technological advances and modern methods

Another keypoint to remember is that the Grudahair factory—the well-known brand of hair extensions—is improving its technological advances and modern methods. That is one of the major steps toward helping the Vietnamese hair extension market, in general, and the Grudahair factory, in particular, grow from a domestic to a global level. Taking full advantage of the Internet is the key to spreading Gruda Hair Factory's reputation. They design a professional website as well as a YouTube channel for the company. There are articles on the websites that provide useful information about the factory, hair care advice, and product specifications. Gruda Hair's website also includes staff contact information, online shopping, and information about the Vietnamese hair extension industry. Gruda Hair Factory's YouTube channel produces useful videos with a variety of topics regarding hair types, hair advice, and hair reviews every day. After being enabled, the channel soon drew the attention of hair extension fans and was even awarded the Silver Button... Visit our website Gruda Hair Factory and our youtube channel GRUDA HAIR FACTORY BEST VIETNAMESE HAIR  for more information. 

The long-term development goal of Grudahair

During Grudahair's journey to further development, if the existing hair extension markets do not develop in time to meet the expectations of clients, the market may enter into a condition of crisis. The Grudahair manufacturer recognizes this issue and strives to enhance their goods on a regular basis. The Grudahair factory also strengthens the cooperation contacts in order to support and source goods delivery. In the long run, the Grudahair factory hopes to raise the standard of hair extensions in Vietnam, so that everyone is aware of them and can use them easily.